Monday, 05 November 2018 12:02

Message from the President

WSROC President, Cr Barry Calvert WSROC President, Cr Barry Calvert

It is an honour to have been elected by my fellow directors to take on the role of President of WSROC; an organisation with a long and proud history of delivering for the people of Western Sydney.

I wish to sincerely thank outgoing President, Mayor Stephen Bali, for his leadership over the last two years and will endeavour to follow the great example he has set.

WSROC member councils include some that are among the most populous in this country and they continue to grow at an accelerating rate. As we work alongside the Commonwealth and NSW Governments to develop what is now known as the Western Parkland City and as we also collaborate with the creation of a new airport in Western Sydney, WSROC’s role in assisting with planning and making connections has never been more crucial.

Western Sydney as a region has already established itself as Australia’s third largest economy, providing the bulk of employment and manufacturing opportunities for this whole country. The Central City, with its established economy, contributes over 60 per cent of Western Sydney’s gross regional product and therefore will be critical to the success of our region over the next decade. Both Central and Western Cities must continue to grow in a way that improves quality of life for their residents. I see WSROC as playing a major role in ensuring a cohesive and well-planned approach to our rapid growth.

The accelerating growth in our region means that all WSROC’s member councils are dealing with the significant and worsening inequities our residents face in accessing transport, health services, education, jobs and cultural activities. As President I will be making sure that WSROC lobbies strongly to ensure that these needs are addressed as quickly as possible.

A growing concern for our region is the management of the constantly growing level of waste. WSROC is bringing a regional approach to this problem and will continue to work with member councils to assist them to meet the demands of rapidly changing waste and recycling markets in a fiscal environment that does not provide any additional support or funding.

Councils are all being asked to do more with less. Councils are expected to deliver more liveable, sustainable and productive community facilities for more people under the limitations of rate pegging, insufficient Section 94 contributions, and at a time when our powers to guide development are being undermined by legislative change.

I believe that Western Sydney councils are far stronger together, speaking with a collective voice.

WSROC is in a strong position with many ongoing projects that will enhance the lives of the Western Sydney community, as well as producing savings and reduced costs for member councils.

We have recently welcomed Lithgow Council into WSROC and there are several other councils that have made enquiries about joining the organisation so WSROC is currently growing both in numbers and in influence.

Together we can build a brighter, more equitable future for Western Sydney and deliver on local government’s mission to create strong, healthy and prosperous communities.

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