Wednesday, 27 October 2021 15:58

Modern cloth nappy workshop

WSROC has delivered a second regional reusable nappy education package across councils, to help reduce nappy landfill and to educate residents on the economic and sustainability benefits of cloth nappies

The program was delivered in partnership with Nappy Lane Modern Cloth Nappies, and included a suite of resources to support residents and health workers who are interested in understanding, troubleshooting and using reusable nappies.

The education materials include a series of videos, a frequently asked questions fact sheet and online community workshops. A regional reusable nappy workshop took place on October 23, with a reusable nappy expert covered topics including:

- the different styles of cloth nappies available

- what you need to get started

- how to wash cloth nappies

- troubleshooting leaks and issues

- environmental and financial benefits

- why cloth nappies are fun

In addition to the workshop and education resources, the program also offers direct and ongoing support for participants using cloth nappies till the end of December.