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NSW Planning talks waste for medium density

Recycling bins presented on kerb. Recycling bins presented on kerb.


This month the Department of Planning addressed WSROC’s Waste Planning professional group regarding its draft Medium Density Design Guide and planned changes to the EP&A Act (both of which are currently out for consultation).

Western Sydney’s rapid development and increasing residential density has made guidelines surrounding multi-unit dwellings such as terraces, villas, duplexes and manor houses of significant interest to councils from a waste service perspective.

Higher density neighbourhoods offer affordable and convenient housing for our community, but if not well designed, can create ongoing issues for residents and councils alike.

Practicalities such as ensuring there is enough space for waste bins to be displayed on the kerb, or that garbage trucks can manoeuvre safely, are of key importance not only to ensure community safety, but to ensure rate payers reside in clean and healthy communities.

The Department of Planning’s draft Medium Density Design Guide is a much needed document to provide guidance on this increasingly popular form of housing, which have not been subject to complying development provisions before.

WSROC President Cr Stephen Bali said “WSROC welcomes the development of a state-level design guide for medium-density housing.

“If practical, service-related issues aren’t properly enforced at the design-stage, then this will result in poor services for the community, and potentially, extra costs associated with specialist waste removal services.

“In addition to their discussion directly with the Department this month, WSROC’s waste planners will be making a formal submission to the draft Medium Density Design Guide to ensure that these practicalities are addressed.

“What we want to avoid are unsafe situations where we have large clusters of garbage bins obstructing driveways, footpaths and parking space on collection night," said Cr Bali.

“We also want to limit significant distances some residents have to wheel their bins to get to the kerb as is already evident in some newer poorly designed buildings.

“We look forward to seeing the final contents of the design guide and hope it will offer serious consideration to the aesthetics and servicing practicalities of medium density housing," he said.

Waste Planning was first identified as a key issue by WSROC under the regional waste strategy in 2015.


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