Thursday, 29 April 2021 12:44

President's message

While the cooler months are well and truly upon us, WSROC’s continuing work on urban heat mitigation in Western Sydney saw two important milestones earlier this month, with the release of the Urban Heat Planning Toolkit, and April’s user-testing workshops for the Cool Suburbs industry-based design tool.

After months of consultation and development, the Urban Heat Planning Toolkit is designed to help local government strengthen their planning provisions, to reduce the impacts of heat. The WSROC-led project focuses on strategies that can be implemented in new development and redevelopment, to reduce urban heat and help people adapt. This is an important piece of work and I commend the team for its completion and release.

In April, the Cool Suburbs project held workshops with representatives from government and industry, to test user engagement with people most likely to utilise the tool upon its completion. Underpinned by the latest urban heat science, the Cool Suburbs Tool is being developed by WSROC in partnership with the Greater Sydney Commission, and Resilient Sydney. The Tool will be next be piloted on developments; keep an eye out for updates on this key project.

Following last month’s disastrous floods, which severely impacted our region’s communities, feedback from local residents drew the focus once again to Emergency Management and pre-emptive planning - particularly with regard to affected areas in Western Sydney where there is new residential development. If it is the case that urban development is impacting the natural watercourses and exacerbating risk, then there is a need for this aspect of land use planning in the floodplain to be urgently reviewed by the state government. While an emergency management strategy will help keep people safe in the event of natural disaster, there is considerably more that we can do about flood events which may be linked to man-made impacts. This must be part of the evaluation process, as we plan for better flood risk management and community resilience.

Finally, WSROC has made two submissions in key priority areas this month:an Aerotropolis precinct plan submission and the Explanation of intended effects for a Design and Place SEPP submission.

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