Thursday, 02 September 2021 09:37

President's message

WSROC Projects have surged over the past two months, marking key milestones and progressing to exciting stages of development.

WSROC’s Cool Suburbs – which supports and rewards industry best-practice – is the critical next step for delivering cooler, safer development outcomes for communities. The WSROC team has been working with Resilient Sydney, Greater Sydney Commission, Edge Consulting, and its expert science panel to finalise the first Cool Suburbs prototype, now ready to be tested on real developments in Western Sydney. This process that will allow ground-truthing of the tool’s functionality and is a step closer to delivery.

The NSW Government’s commendable Electric Vehicle Strategy is strengthening the EV transition, including a significant investment in fast-charging station infrastructure. The Western Sydney Energy Program (WSEP) consulted with nine participating councils and Western Sydney University to develop a list of recommended sites for the regional installation of electric vehicle (EV) stations. Resulting from the successful applications to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) Future Fuels Fund Round 1, our recommendations will inform part of the regional implementation, to be rolled out in the next two years.

WSROC and many of its members have been actively involved in consultations on Design and Place SEPP. This policy is significant for Western Sydney councils, as our region’s rapid growth means that the SEPP will have the greatest impact here. The Design and Place SEPP promises to significantly alter the NSW planning landscape by preferencing a principles-based approach to development design, as well as significant change in knowledge and resourcing of council planning teams. WSROC’s advocacy has focused on concerns regarding the principles-based approach, the need for greater detail on waste planning, building resilience into the planning system and accounting for holistic impacts.

Updates from WSROC’s waste team include campaigns that focus on reducing instances of illegal dumping, particularly at apartment complexes, and on soft plastics - targeting the most misunderstood recyclable, reported by councils as being the single worst yellow recycling bin contaminant. WSROC waste team works tirelessly to support councils in key priority areas and promote better understanding of waste and resource recovery in our communities.

Finally, you can now view key points from WSROC Board meetings via the e-news.

Keep safe,

Barry Calvert.