Thursday, 28 October 2021 16:05

President's Message

The warmer months means the advent of Western Sydney’s most vulnerable season in terms of dealing with potential extreme heat events. WSROC’s Heat Smart resources and a comprehensive social media campaign are currently being distributed to councils, and I encourage the promotion of these important messages to help keep our communities ready and safe during summer.

WSROC’s advocacy and thought leadership gained further traction this month, with representation at key assemblies on the issues that continue to affect our region - including giving evidence at state Parliament, running workshops on heat and resource recovery and representation as subject matter specialists at significant events.

CEO Charles Casuscelli and I presented WSROC’s submission to the NSW Parliamentary inquiry into road tolling regimes earlier this month, tabling our key asks and reiterating WSROC’s continuing mandate: that tolling inequity affecting Western Sydney must be addressed. Ministerial support for the issue is becoming more apparent in public forums, with media coverage lending further weight. We look forward to the government’s response.

Project Coordinator Judith Bruinsma and Project Officer Kelly Gee presented on WSROC’s work in heat, and challenges faced by councils in a wider regional context. The recent launch of the Urban Heat Planning Toolkit, Cool Suburbs Tool and Heat Smart project is elevating their exceptional work and gaining recognition as being of significant value in addressing the rising challenge of heat – with potential wider application.

Presenting at regional dialogues and thought-leadership events - Western Sydney University’s ‘Wicked Urban Challenges: Researchers respond’ forum, part of Research Week 2021, the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand forum, and Australian Disaster Resilience Conference 2021 - provide an opportune platform to extend our work in key priority areas, in context with prominent researchers and policy makers. I commend Judith and Kelly on their fine work and extend my thanks to council project officers who have supported this work.  

Community workshops continue to run this month, for the Heat Smart program and WSROC Waste Team’s successful modern cloth nappy partnership – both programs designed to support councils and their communities. The Waste Team project schedule will launch new projects in the coming months – including the ‘Love Recycling’ campaign and a Mayoral campaign, based on the ‘Problem Waste? No Problem!’ Bunnings partnership project, for National Recycling Week next month.

Finally, WSROC’s Annual Report for 2020-2021 is now published and was distributed last week. I am pleased to reflect on a year of progressive projects and collaboration with councils and stakeholders, producing substantial outcomes for Western Sydney. We continue to work toward better outcomes on the issues that matter most in our region.  If you did not receive a copy, please contact WSROC’s Media Officer, Kate O’Connell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.