Friday, 17 December 2021 14:57

Soft plastics focus during National Recycling Week

Love Recycling campaign artwork. Young girl eating yoghurt in soft plastic packaging. Love Recycling campaign artwork. Young girl eating yoghurt in soft plastic packaging.

Phase four and five of WSROC’s Love Recycling? social media campaign launched during National Recycling Week in November.

Soft plastics are a common area of confusion for community members, and the number one contaminant in household recycling bins across Western Sydney. Resident feedback collected by Western Sydney councils indicates many people do not know how to identify soft plastic packaging, and are not aware of the options for recycling soft plastics.

WSROC’s regional Love Recycling? campaign seeks to increase awareness of soft plastics and proper disposal methods including:

  • Identifying common household items that contain soft plastics (e.g. soft plastics, such as bread bags, bubble wraps, snack packets)
  • How to recognise soft plastic packaging by checking Australian Recycling Label (ARL)
  • How to dispose of soft plastics at home (e.g. the red bin).
  • Options for recycling soft plastics (e.g. supermarket soft plastics bins)

By recognising and correctly sorting soft plastics, we can improve resource recovery and ensure better quality of recycling from yellow bins, with reduced rates of contamination.

For more information on this project or resources, please contact: Rey Behboudi, Project Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information on where to recycle soft plastics visit:

Acknowledgement: This project is a NSW Environment Protection Authority Waste Less, Recycle More Initiative funded from the Waste Levy.