Friday, 29 September 2017 10:46

Step up this Walktober

People enjoying local walking track. People enjoying local walking track.

Did you know that Western Sydney has higher rates of preventable chronic disease such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease?

There are a whole range of reasons for this, but one key factor is that we aren’t moving enough on a daily basis.

This month is Walktober, the perfect opportunity for everyone to try and squeeze more activity into their day by walking to the bus or train, taking the stairs or walking during your lunch break.

Local government has a key role to play in supporting community health, by providing walkable communities, local parks, sports facilities and breaking down barriers to participation.

In 2015 nine Western Sydney councils signed the Walk21 International Charter for Walking – a pledge to support more active lifestyles.

Since 2015 councils have invested in a diverse range of initiatives that promote active recreation and active transport within the community. Just some of these include:

No matter what your age, interests or abilities, councils are working to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be more active in their day to day lives.

Walktober is the perfect time to look at what facilities and programs are available in your local area – to move more and sit less.  

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