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Western Sydney: Don’t break Powerhouse promise

Child looking at art installation Child looking at art installation

Media release, 29 May 2020 

The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) has called on the NSW Government to maintain investment in the Parramatta Powerhouse and a host of other venues to avoid major setbacks in the region’s liveability and cultural economy.

WSROC President Cllr Barry Calvert said “The Powerhouse’s relocation was designed to redress the appalling lack of funding in Western Sydney’s arts and cultural industries.

“In 2015, Deloitte1 identified that despite being home to one in 10 Australians, Western Sydney received just one  per cent of federal, and 5.5 per cent of state funding. Five years on it is clear nothing much has changed.

“The suggestion that the Powerhouse move will not go ahead comes just days after the announcement of a $50 million arts and cultural package for which most Western Sydney venues are ineligible,” said Cllr Calvert.

“The NSW Government continues to tell us the importance of job creation and growing Western Sydney as a liveable region. To renege on the Powerhouse move comes at the expense of jobs, investment, and quality of life for our residents,” he said.


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