Wednesday, 01 September 2021 13:31

Western Sydney Energy Program accelerates EV shift

Fast-charging EV station Fast-charging EV station

Western Sydney will see the installation of more fast-charging electric vehicle stations in the next two years, in key sites identified by members of the Western Sydney Energy Program and Western Sydney University, as the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) Future Fuels Fund Round 1 results are revealed.  

The Western Sydney Energy Program (WSEP) consulted with nine participating councils and Western Sydney University, to develop a list of recommended sites for the regional installation of electric vehicle (EV) stations.

Fast-charging stations are a key part of EV transition, countering ‘range anxiety’ – whereby lack of charging infrastructure presents an obstacle to EV ownership. More fast-charging stations will ensure that drivers can begin to travel more widely, assured of the ability to re-charge their vehicles en route.

The WSEP submitted its list of installation sites to infrastructure providers applying to ARENA for the First Round, out of which Evie Networks and Engie were successful applicants.

While slow car chargers can take six to eight hours, fast chargers can take as little as 20 minutes. Overall, more than 400 fast charging stations will be installed in the next two years across Greater Sydney.

WSROC coordinates the Western Sydney Energy Program which is a collaboration between seven Western Sydney councils.

The program aims to realise energy, cost and emission savings for Western Sydney councils and their communities

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