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Western Sydney moving Light Years Ahead

LED street light LED street light Credit: Ironbark Sustainability

WSROC's Light Years Ahead street lighting project is moving into gear. This Australian Government funded project aims to replace nearly 13,000 high energy mercury vapour street lights with low energy lights such as LEDs resulting in a major energy efficiency upgrade across Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, The Hills, Holroyd, Liverpool, Parramatta and Penrith, allowing our councils to lead by example in energy saving.

The potential cost savings are significant: councils could save up to $1.08 million per year per council - more than $10 million over 10 years at current electricity prices.

WSROC President Tony Hadchiti praised the Australian Government and Department of Industry for awarding the project funding.

"Councils want to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions wherever they can. These types of projects are costly and are a challenge to do without government funding. The new street lights will result in major long-term savings while avoiding almost 70,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions compared to the current lights."

During the roll out, a community information campaign will help Western Sydney residents to make energy reductions and savings in their own homes.

Recent achievements include approvals of the Project Plan, additional lighting research reports and the Communication and Media Strategy. A Media and Communications Officer, Nicole Miller, has been hired. A technical consultancy firm, Ironbark Sustainability, has been contracted to develop a business plan and provide technical expertise for this component of the project.

Read more on our Light Years Ahead project page.


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