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Western Sydney presents at Litter Congress 2018

WSROC Regional Waste Coordination Team Leader, Amanda Bombaci presents to Litter Congress 2018 WSROC Regional Waste Coordination Team Leader, Amanda Bombaci presents to Litter Congress 2018

Western Sydney councils showed they are leading the way on litter management presenting four case studies at 2018 NSW Litter Congress in July.

Facilitated by Keep Australia Beautiful, the Litter Congress is an opportunity for organisations involved in litter prevention and management to share best practice and discuss common challenges.

WSROC and its councils were invited to present a number of programs which demonstrate innovation and best practice in this space.


Managing litter in the Parramatta River catchment

WSROC and Cumberland Council jointly presented on a collaborative project to improve litter management in the Parramatta River catchment.

Initiated by the former Auburn Council, this project brought together a range of stakeholders who have a role to play in the management of litter across the catchment including: Blacktown, Cumberland and City of Parramatta councils; Sydney Water; Roads and Maritime Services; and the Sydney Olympic Park Authority.

The project collated and analysed data from a range of organisations responsible for the management and monitoring of litter. The group was then able to model the volume and passage of litter through the catchment, and look at more effective ways to prevent, manage and monitor litter in future.


Reducing cigarette butt litter in shopping strips

WSROC also presented its Cigarette Butt Litter program which rolled out across Western Sydney earlier in the year. Targeting cigarette litter in shopping strips, the program sought to decrease litter by increasing the provision of dedicated butt bins, delivering a range of community education and engagement, activities, and increasing enforcement in key hotspots.


Litter Reduction in Schools

Cumberland Council presented on their efforts to reduce litter within and around schools in the region, by partnering with Keep Australia Beautiful (NSW Chapter) to deliver litter education programs at schools. Cumberland partnered with schools including Lidcombe Public School to undertake audits of the litter stream and reduce litter.

Cumberland shared their experiences supporting schools through additional resources such as providing recycling bins and educating students on services provided by councils, and have worked with Keep Australia Beautiful to develop a model that can be replicated across other local government areas and schools.


Blacktown Clean City Strategy

Blacktown presented on its Clean City Strategy which, like the Parramatta catchment program, seeks to improve the management of litter through multi-disciplinary collaboration.

The Clean City Strategy established a cohesive approach to cleanliness across the Blacktown LGA by bringing together a range of council departments, each of which have a role to play in litter management, e.g. park maintenance, environment and sustainability, communications, and strategic planning.

The Clean City Strategy is overseen by a dedicated officer, who, in partnership with Council’s various departments ensures that litter does not slip through the cracks.

WSROC President Cr Stephen Bali said “Western Sydney councils have proven to be consistently innovative when it comes to dealing with litter. Our willingness to collaborate and share insights has played a great part in this success.

“The continuation of the Western Sydney Regional Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy to 2021 will ensure this collaboration continues well into the future,” he said.

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