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Western Sydney suburbs named for new LED street lights

Installer fits new LED light in Werrington County, Western Sydney, NSW Installer fits new LED light in Werrington County, Western Sydney, NSW Photo: Endeavour Energy

Over 100 Western Sydney suburbs will have new LED street lights installed in their neighbourhoods over the next 10 months, as installation continues for the Light Years Ahead* [opens external site] project. Approximately 10% of 126,955 street lights within nine councils, will be replaced.

Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) is coordinating the project on behalf of the nine participant councils – Blue Mountains, Blacktown, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Hills Shire, Holroyd, Liverpool, Parramatta and Penrith.

The project website [opens external site] contains the list of suburb names affected. As the roll out continues the website will be updated to reflect installation progress. The works are expected to be complete by March 2016 with the project wrapping up in May 2016.

Residents in selected suburbs may spot Endeavour Energy installers changing the 80 watt mercury vapour lights to the new LEDs. The LEDs are distinguishable by visible ‘bumps’ sitting inside the light head, called the luminaire, rather than the look of a single globe – similar to the look of domestic LED lights found in the home or offices. The project website [opens external site] contains images of LED lights and installers in action.

WSROC President, Cllr Tony Hadchiti, notes, “The new lights meet Australian Standards in street lighting and the LEDs have undergone thorough testing by Endeavour Energy. By changing to an LED there is an energy reduction of approximately 77% compared to a mercury vapour – a significant saving for our councils.”

Last month’s project launch in Penrith City Council, attracted many supporters and VIPs including three mayors (Penrith, Hawkesbury and Holroyd) and three MPs (Louise Markus MP, Federal Member for Macquarie, Fiona Scott, Federal Member for Lindsay, and Prue Car, State Member for Londonderry).

Ms Markus kindly mentioned her attendance at the launch in a federal parliamentary address during question time on 1 June 2015. She remarked, “I am delighted that the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains city councils have been included in this project and that the Australian coalition government was able to contribute $5 million towards the nine participating councils across the greater Western Sydney region.”
Ms Markus also noted the cost savings and commended WSROC and the project participants.

She continued, “Whilst beneficial for the moment, the cost-saving measures provided will be extremely advantageous to the community—less maintenance required by councils on lighting will free up more resources for the community, and brighter street lighting may also improve community safety.”

“I congratulate WSROC and all those involved on their collaborative and cohesive approach, and on the initiative shown in bringing this amazing project together.”

Ms Markus’ address is online - watch the video [opens external site] or download the parliament transcript [opens external site].

Cllr Hadchiti said, “It is wonderful to receive a mention in parliament and we thank Ms Markus for doing so. This announcement is saying to Australia’s politicians and wider community, that this is a meaningful project for the Greater Western Sydney region, for NSW, and the county. This mention means the Light Years Ahead project’s name is marked in our country’s official parliamentary records.”

“WSROC continues to manage ambitious projects on behalf of Western Sydney councils. The 100-plus suburbs that will have new lights, are part of a special infrastructure project. WSROC and our councils will continue to look for ways to extend the good work we have begun.”

The project received funding from the Australian Government.

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*Story background - The Light Years Ahead project will replace approximately 13,000 mercury vapour street lights with more energy efficient LED lights, in nine Western Sydney Councils. Councils will save an estimated $21 million over 20 years at current electricity prices (20 years being the approximate life of a street light). The project received funding from the Australian Government.

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