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Western Sydney Visitor Economy Strategy released

Real Festival, Penrith Real Festival, Penrith

Destination NSW released its first Western Sydney Visitor Economy Strategy this month, in response to the region’s growing tourism sector.

WSROC President Cr Stephen Bali said “It is great to see the NSW Government focus on Western Sydney as a tourism region. We have amazing destinations, natural assets and cultural experiences to share with Australia and the world.

“Currently, Western Sydney’s visitor economy delivers $4.2 billion to the NSW economy. This includes a large number of domestic day trippers, as well as international guests many of whom are coming to visit family and friends,” said Cr Bali.

“The new Strategy highlights our region’s cultural diversity, rich heritage and natural environment as key strengths. It also accurately identifies transport connectivity and lack of a dedicated Destination Network as key barriers to the region’s tourism development.

“While this is a fantastic first step to building Western Sydney’s visitor economy, I am disappointed that the strategy does not recognise the role of local government in destination marketing and tourism, both as a provider of experiences and custodian of many of the West’s venues, events and attractions,” said Cr Bali.

The Strategy outlined nine strategic directions:

  1. A cohesive approach to destination management and marketing through Government, industry and commercial partnerships
  2. Destination infrastructure development
  3. Product and experience development
  4. Develop destination awareness and improve perception
  5. Secure and grow major events
  6. Secure and grow business events
  7. Develop the educational tour sector
  8. Develop medical related tourism
  9. Industry skills development


As part of the strategy, Destination NSW has signed a memorandum of understanding with the NSW Business Chamber and Western Sydney Business Connection, to conduct a number of projects which will inform the Strategy actions over the coming years.

This includes mapping of Western Sydney’s current infrastructure, events and attractions as well as developing a marketing strategy that includes packaging the region’s experiences and touring routes.

Destination NSW will be providing a briefing to councils on the aim and scope of the strategy in the coming months. Any council officers interested in attending should contact the WSROC office.


Further information:

Destination NSW: Western Sydney Visitor Economy Strategy


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