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WSROC leading on Love Food Hate Waste project

Women buying fruit at grocery store. Women buying fruit at grocery store.

WSROC is partnering with the NSW Environment Protection Authority’s Love Food Hate Waste program to reduce food waste in the region.

Western Sydney households waste more than 82,000 tonnes of food each year, equating to around $1000 per household. Fortunately much of this food waste can be easily avoided by being more mindful of the way we buy, cook and store food.

As a Love Food Hate Waste partner, WSROC is committed to reducing the amount of food that is being sent to landfill, by providing the community with practical and easy tips to reduce food waste in the home.

WSROC is also working with councils to reduce avoidable food waste through actions in the draft Western Sydney Regional Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy. Details of this Strategy will be finalised and made available in the New Year.

Why is reducing food waste so important?

  • When food waste breaks down in landfill it produces methane – a potent greenhouse gas.
  • Wasting food means the water, energy, materials and fuel used to harvest, transport, process, package, distribute and market food are also wasted.
  • The University of Western Sydney estimates that the $1 billion worth of edible food thrown away each year in Sydney alone, is equivalent to the income of all farmers in the Sydney Basin.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority works in partnership with food retailers, manufacturers, non profit organisations and local government to deliver the Love Food Hate Waste program across NSW. 

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