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WSROC’s leadership on litter recognised

Tidy Roads Steering Committee Tidy Roads Steering Committee

The outstanding work of Western Sydney councils in tackling litter has been recognised with WSROC invited to represent Sydney metropolitan councils at the recent Tidy Roads Summit hosted by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

Following WSROCs valuable contribution at the Summit, WSROC was also selected to represent local councils on the exclusive Tidy Roads Steering Committee, which involved working directly with staff from key industry players such as RMS, NSW EPA, McDonalds, Woolworths, Australian Food and Grocery Council, Illawarra Pilot Joint Organisation and litter expert Rob Curnow.

The Tidy Roads Steering Committee seeks to build collaboration and coordinate activities between government agencies, councils and industry, in order to achieve the Premier’s priority target of reducing NSW’s roadside litter by 40 per cent by 2020.

WSROC President, Cllr Hadchiti said “Key agencies working to tackle litter have recognised the experience of WSROC, and the value it can bring to important strategic discussions on litter and the development of key litter projects.”

Roadside litter in particular, was identified in Western Sydney Regional Litter Plan as a key hotspot requiring dedicated and collaborative action. WSROC was recently awarded $139,828 by the NSW EPA to tackle this litter priority area across Western Sydney’s key arterial roads.

“WSROC continues advocate for improved litter outcomes for the community, and works with councils and other agencies to reduce litter. This collaborative approach is essential as local government does not have control over many of the region’s key litter hotspots, for example on the state’s major roads and highways,” he said.

Effective litter management is a key priority for councils from both a community amenity and budgetary perspective.

A recent report commissioned by WSROC to determine the cost of litter to the community found that Western Sydney councils are collectively spending more than $14 million dollars a year cleaning up and managing litter. This results in a cost to the community of $29.04 per household per year.


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