Tuesday, 30 July 2019 15:08

WSROC secures funding for cool rating tool

Housing estate in Western Sydney. Housing estate in Western Sydney.

WSROC has successfully secured $108,000 in Increasing Resilience to Climate Change Funding (IRCC) to build the region’s resilience extreme heat.

The funding will deliver the Cool Suburbs project, which seeks to assist government, developers and the community to identify and implement best practice in urban cooling.

Using the latest in data sensing, materials science, built environment planning and performance monitoring, Cool Suburbs will develop a voluntary rating tool that can deliver a ‘Cool Score’ for new and existing developments (building, street, precinct or suburb) based on elements of their design.

‘Cool Suburb’ accreditation will be available for marketing purposes, giving developments an incentive to design cooler, more resilient communities, and raise awareness amongst the community that design can significantly influence their thermal comfort and energy bills.

The Cool Suburbs Tool will be designed in collaboration with stakeholders from local and state government and industry to ensure it is user-friendly and delivers value for practitioners.

The Cool Suburbs initiative will also include professional development in designing for heat mitigation and community education and engagement around building heat resilience.

The Cool Suburbs project is a collaboration between WSROC, Resilient Sydney and the Greater Sydney Commission and will be delivered between 2019-2021.

Increasing Resilience to Climate Change funding is delivered by Local Government NSW on behalf of the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

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