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WSROC Submission to NSW Arts Policy

WSROC advocates for recognition of Western Sydney and the role of Local Government in the new NSW Arts Policy.

WSROC's response to the NSW Discussion Paper Framing the Future:Developing an Arts and Cultural Policy for NSW commends the development of a NSW Arts policy.

However, the current discussion papers shows major gaps which should be addressed to be able to develop the sector across the state.
The main points of recommendation are:

  • Western Sydney should be a priority area.
  • Local Government’s role needs to be recognised and supported and ongoing commitment to support and funding should be stated.
  • A proper strategy for Arts Education and Training needs to be included.
  • Engagement of young people in the arts needs to be included.

WSROC strongly recommends Arts NSW conducts a comprehensive consultation with Local Government on the paper to determine the needs of Local Government in terms of arts and cultural development.

Read WSROC's detailed response by downloading the submission:

WSROC Response to NSW Arts Policy Discussion Paper (553.47 kB).

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