Tuesday, 29 April 2014 13:53

WSROC Supports Stronger Local Government

While there are differing views among our member councils in relation to amalgamation and other structural reforms, such as popularly elected mayors – WSROC strongly supports the key recommendation of establishing regional collaborative groups of councils – whether as ROCs or as Joint Organisations.

WSROC is already well placed to carry out the recommended roles envisaged for Joint Organisations (JOs). Our councils already work closely together and are keen to foster greater cooperation among themselves in shared IP, procurement and regional delivery of projects and services.

The WSROC Board is still in the early stages of considering the role of WSROC in Local Government reform but there are strong indications they would be willing to participate in a pilot project.

Read more in WSROC's icon Submission on the Revitilising Local Government Report, April 2014 (834.14 kB)

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