A planned and collaborative approach to waste management, which is cost-effective, supportive of our community and economy and improves resource recovery in line with State Government targets.


Waste, like water and electricity, is a critical service for any city; one delivered almost solely by local government in collaboration with the private sector.


Right across Australia, councils are striving to deliver safe, affordable waste services whilst dealing with the challenge of growing populations, increasing waste generation per household, and changing recycling markets.


This is no easy task. Landfill space in the Sydney basin is filling up fast, we need to find alternatives to ensure council waste services remain affordable and sustainable well into the future.


The Western Sydney Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy 2017 – 2021 (Regional Waste Strategy), seeks to meet these challenges. 


Developed by nine participating councils and funded by the NSW EPA, the Regional Waste Strategy is a blueprint for strategic, collaborative action on waste management in the Western Sydney region.


It builds on the work delivered during the first Regional Waste Strategy (2014 – 2017) which delivered $3.5 million worth of programs for Western Sydney councils.


 The Strategy has seven key themes:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

  1. Promote waste avoidance
  2. Increase recycling
  3. Divert more waste from landfill
  4. Reduce litter
  5. Tackle illegal dumping
  6. Manage problem waste better
  7. Improve regional governance.


Participating councils include:



The Western Sydney Regional Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy and regional waste coordination program is supported by the NSW Environment Protection Authority Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.


For more information, download the Western Sydney Regional Waste Strategy 2017 - 2021 or contact WSROC’s regional waste coordination team on 02 9671 4333, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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