New medium density development in Western Sydney


Waste and recycling is an essential service provided by local councils to every household. The potential impact of waste planning and service delivery on the safety, health, amenity and well-being of local communities cannot be underestimated. For the best social and environmental outcomes, waste management must be adequately addressed at all levels of the planning system.

The forthcoming introduction of organic waste services will require most councils to review their local planning controls to ensure these new service requirements are addressed. To assist councils with this process, this Implementation Guide for Councils: Incorporating FOGO into Council Planning Controls has been developed.

For more information on organic waste services in apartments, design solutions for the collection of organic waste, or research in this area, contact the WSROC Regional Waste Team.

There have been recent opportunities for councils to ensure there are adequate waste and recycling provisions within their Local Strategic Planning Statement and Local Environment Plan (LEP) to support the sustainable delivery of waste functions and resource recovery objectives.

This Implementation Guidance Document (540 KB) has been developed to assist councils in this process.

This project is a NSW Environment Protection Authority Waste Less, Recycle More initiative, funded from the waste levy.