WSROC coordinates the Western Sydney Energy Program which is a collaboration between Western Sydney councils.
The program aims to realise energy, cost and emission savings for Western Sydney councils and their communities.

Our aspiration is to reduce Western Sydney’s emissions by 200,000 tonnes of CO2e[1] reductions each year. This equates to taking 46,000 cars off the road annually.

To date, collective efforts of Western Sydney councils have already saved more than $20 million.

Each year, our efforts reduce emissions by almost 500,000 tCO2e across a wide range of projects such as lighting and equipment upgrades, waste management, solar installations, and Smart Cities initiatives. The Western Sydney Energy Program aims to maximise existing programs as well as implement new initiatives.

The Western Sydney Energy program is focused on four areas of activity:

Renewable Energy  Renewable energy transformation: Installation of low cost, low emission energy generation and storage

Transport Transport: Transport infrastructure to deliver a low cost and emission future

Supporting CommunitySupporting Community Supporting our community: Helping the community access services to reduce energy costs

Facilities and Precincts Facilities and precincts: Implementing best practice in energy planning and design for key precincts and facilities.

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Western Sydney context

Western Sydney faces unique circumstances that impact on the region’s energy footprint. Key factors include:

Growth: Western Sydney is large and growing. Our infrastructure, economy and community provide both challenges and opportunities relating to energy.

WSROC and councils see great potential for integrated planning and investments to future-proof the region and increase its resilience.

Western Sydney provides the scale and diversity to pilot innovation.

Heat: Western Sydney faces serious issues in relation to urban heat.

On hot summer days, energy consumption for cooling can be 100 per cent higher in Western Sydney, compared to the Eastern suburbs.

This places stress on the energy system, increases costs to the community and can lead to critical health issues.


Councils are already on track to better energy initiatives

Western Sydney Council projects currently in place include:

Blacktown City Council switch to LED street lighting - part of Light Years Ahead project

Hawkesbury City Solar Program - Renewable Energy Achievement shortlisted finalist, Cities Power Partnerships awards 2019

Blue Mountains City Council Carbon Revolving Reserve project - winners, national Cities Power Partnerships awards 2019 

Fairfield City Council Energy Initiatives and Sustainable Councils and Communities program

Blue Mountains City Council Carbon Abatement and Investment Plan

Parramatta City Council and Our Solar Future

Liverpool City Council Sustainable Transport

Lithgow City Switch to LED street lighting

Cumberland City Council Energy Smart Cities and Homes project

The Hills Shire Council switch to LED street lighting - part of Light Years Ahead


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[1] Carbon Dioxide Equivalent. 200,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent reductions equate to a 1-2% annual reduction of Western Sydney’s annual community-scale emissions