Current project:

Renewable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

WSEP collaborated with Local Government Procurement (LGP) to scope a 100% renewable energy PPA for councils.

The Renewable PPA is a fixed price 7-year contract from the year 2023 to 2029. It mitigates councils’ risk to get exposed to market volatility while driving toward Net-Zero.

No upfront fee for participation is required.

The Renewable Energy PPA:

  • Allows councils to enter into one contract: reducing operational risk

  • Energy secured from the Collector Wind Farm for a period of 7 years through a single fixed-price contract.

  • Allows councils to procure all three categories of electricity (large, small, and streetlighting) at once.

  • Is an integrated offering: Iberdrola, the successful tenderer, owns and operates the Collector Windfarm, thereby, minimizing supply risk and market exposure to the Councils of obtaining renewable energy that’s high in demand.

  • Includes growth commitment: Iberdrola has a robust commitment to growing renewable energy assets with a strong investment pipeline. Future assets that should come online in the next 2-3 years include Woodlawn, Bogondora, Bungendore, Flyers Creek windfarms and Narrandera solar farm; this provides comfort to the community that councils’ electricity spend is being used to increase renewable energy and reduce the reliance on fossil fuel-powered electricity generators. This cannot be guaranteed through another retailer that is also investing in the fossil fuel industry.

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