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WSROC Design Competition 2020 Po WSROC Design Competition 2020 Poster featured_blue_star

Design a poster or create an artwork that illustrates your ideas on ways to 'Waste Not'.


Waste avoidance is everyone's responsibility. Avoiding over consumption saves money and helps to conserve our world's precious resources.


When we talk about 'waste', we mean everything that households throw out - including food to furniture and everything in between!


There are many ways to avoid waste, for example - not buying things we don't really need, borrowing items we only need occasionally, or getting creative with the items we already have.


WSROC, in partnership with Western Sydney University, invites  students from the School of Humanities and Communication Arts to be part of the design competition: ‘Make a stand against waste’.  Students can help us reach the whole community with an original design that vividly illustrates their ideas on waste avoidance and reducing overconsumption.


There are iPad Pros to be won and winning artworks will be featured in waste avoidance campaign materials for WSROC and Western Sydney councils.


The competition opens 15th June 2020 and closes on 10th August 2020


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